The 14th February 2022 marked another remarkable milestone for two Foster Carers. Edwina and Ian started their Fostering Journey 48 years ago. We are delighted that they have chosen to Foster with Care Visions for 15 of those invaluable years.

Supervising Social Worker, Gavin Hawthorne, put this together on this anniversary:

I have had the pleasure of being the Supervising Social Worker for Edwina & Ian for the last 3 Years. Ian and Edwina are very child focused and have a particular talent for getting the most out of children. The children in their care experience a nurturing, inclusive environment where they are recognized for their potential and encouraged to expand themself.

Ian and Edwina have extensive experience of fostering, having done so for the past 48 years. Their journey with Care Visons started in 2006 where they have worked tirelessly without a day off.

When reflecting on Edwina & Ian’s fostering Journey which began in England then moved up to Scotland you get a real sense of the dedication the couple have shown.

The couple’s efforts have been recognised and won a national award for Carer’s of the Year, as well as a local award for their dedication to the children in their care. Edwina and Ian have a great deal of knowledge and fantastic patience in dealing with children with a variety of needs. In my experience I have found them to be calm, thoughtful individuals. They derive a lot of enjoyment through their family and recognise that they love nurturing and caring, a view supported by all that know them.

Ian and Edwina fostered and also adopted 4 children with different support needs, three of whom still live with them. Unfortunately, their son who had multiple health difficulties, passed away at the young age of 8. This was an extremely difficult time for Ian and Edwina and, although often very heavy hearted, they continued to Foster as they knew how important caring for children and young people who really needed it was to them. This positive environment they created also helped the wider family during this challenging time.

Edwina and Ian are very adept at recognising the potential of children and supporting them. Their daughter has Down’s Syndrome and Edwina can recall obstacles to overcome in getting people to recognise her abilities and allow her to progress best with things like reading. Their son is a world class wheelchair athlete and it was Ian who was responsible for his coaching, as at the time there was no other support available.

A young person they care for has experienced early years trauma having nightmares not sleeping. To enable the child to take control of her thoughts and feeling. Edwina had started what she calls the child’s story and it is a story that incorporates the child’s story prior to coming to live with them and keeps getting added to the longer the child lives with Ian and Edwina. This story allows the child to listen to positives in their lives reassuring them that things are changing in a positive way building up their emotional resilience and self-esteem.

Edwina and Ian have massive hearts full of love and patience, welcoming everyone and energizing those around her to achieve their best.

Gavin Hawthorne, Supervising Social Worker, Care Visions