What is it?

Theraplay® focuses on assisting young people build better relationships with their care givers. It is an attachment-based intervention and is available free to all children in a Care Visions Fostering Scotland placement.

How does it work?

Theraplay® works alongside a Foster Carer and a child, with the goal of creating a better connected relationship. This is achieved through structured, pre-planned, play sessions using a range of multi-sensory techniques. These help the child’s attachment and sensory needs. The goal from these sessions is to help the child create a sense that adults are safe and dependable, which helps allow them to better regulate and deal with situations.

Who delivers this?
At Care Visions we are proud to have a dedicated in-house team of Therapeutic Family Workers, led by Scotland’s Only Approved Foundational Theraplay® Practitioner, Gaynor Corrigan, who delivers our sessions.

For a closer look at our Theraplay® Based Practice, please click here. 


Gaynor Corrigan, Approved Foundational Theraplay® Practitioner, Care Visions Fostering