When we are assessing prospective foster carers, we need to make sure that the appropriate checks are made to safeguard children and ensure that their safety and wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do.

Checks and References are an integral part of the assessment process before foster carers can be approved. References are required to help us know that prospective foster carers have the capacity to support the needs of children and young people. They are undertaken with full consent and will be kept fully confidential.

References include:

PVG/Disclosure Scotland Check for prospective carers and other adults in the household:

A PVG/Disclosure check is to protect vulnerable groups. This is mandatory for those that are supporting children.

Local Authority check:

The check with the Local Authority is to help us know of any specific support that could impact someone’s suitability to foster. Even if someone has had direct contact and support from their Local Authority, it does not necessarily mean that they couldn’t continue in their fostering journey. It is only exceptional cases that there would an impact someone’s ability to foster and cause a hold on proceeding further.

Medical with your GP:

A medical with your GP will be requested. This information is then sent to our Medical Advisor, who will recommend if you are medically fit for the role of foster carer in being able to look after children.

Personal references:

In addition, references are sought from; employers, 3 references from people who know you well and can comment on your ability to care for children, a family member and any adult children.

Previous partners where there has been an enduring relationship. However, there may be some circumstances where this may not be appropriate, and we will always speak with you about this if you have concerns.

Other checks are Pet Safety and Health and Safety in the home. These are to make sure that the environment that a child or young person is living in is safe and suitable for them.


Checks and process are the same across all fostering providers and Local Authorities in Scotland and are standardised as part of the formal assessment process. They are important for those taking part to know and feel reassured that they are ready to progress with their assessment and their fostering journey.


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