We understand that in the current economic climate making a leap into the role of a full-time foster carer might not be the right option for you at this time. We also know that you may still wish to be able to foster to help children and young people reach their potential in a safe and supportive environment. So what are your options?

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to foster on a full time basis but still want to open your heart and your home to children and young people that can’t live with their own family then we would love to hear from you.


We are looking for Short Break Foster Carers to make a difference to Children and Young People in all areas in Scotland.

Some common scenarios are; foster carers offering short break placements for children who might come and stay for a few days on a regular basis. It may be a flexible arrangement to help support the child to continue to live at home thus sustaining them with their families and in their local community. It may help provide support to another fostering family through times of stress and help sustain the child’s longer term placement. Short Break fostering offers a flexible alternative which will work around your other commitments and schedule, making use of days off and holidays etc to foster.

Being a Short Break Foster Carer will offer you the opportunity to help build up your skills and experience as a foster carer. Be reassured that you will have access to the same training opportunities and support arrangements from the Agency while being able to continue to work or manage your other commitments.


How Much Is The Fostering Allowance For Short Break Carers?

Short Break Carers receive the same rate as Full-Time Carers. It is calculated as pro rata for the length of time a young person was with them.

On average, for a child placed with an approved Foster Carer full time, the combined fees and allowances per annum would be around £23,500 (£450 per week). Short Break Allowances would be a percentage of that amount for the length of time a young person was in their care.


Everything You Need To Know About Fostering

At Care Visions Fostering Scotland, we create positive environments in which fostering families can help children build confidence, for life. Sadly, in Scotland, many children are unable to live with their families. For them, fostering provides a safe and stable home; helping them feel valued, ensuring their needs are met and giving them the best chance to develop.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of levels of support that foster carers can provide children with, whether it be either short-term support or a long-term home.



This begins with our 'Skills To Foster' workshop, which gives you a better idea of the 'ins and outs' of fostering and what that could mean for you and your family.

Once approved, we provide comprehensive training for all our foster carers. Before a child is placed we provide you with 2 days course to help you understand the impact of Trauma and strategies in working with children. Within your first year, you will complete your Induction training consisting of modules in Attachment, Safer Caring, Introduction to Child Protection, Recording and First Aid.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Foster Carer?

Anyone over the age of 25, and with a spare room, is eligible to apply. You can be single or in a couple, have children or not, and we welcome all ethnic backgrounds and LGBT couples or single people. You can own your home or rent (in which case you may need permission from the owner of the property).

Do I need to give up work?

You can continue to work and offer Short Break Care around your availability, this could be during the weekends and during holiday periods.

How long will the assessment process take?

The assessment process typically takes twenty weeks from allocation to your panel date and if you wish to withdraw at any time, you are entitled to do so.

How many children can I foster?

Regulations state that Foster Carers can foster up to three unrelated children, with the exception being emergency placements and sibling groups. The number and age range of children you may be able to foster will be discussed during assessment and approval.

I am currently a foster carer, can I also foster with Care Visions?

Foster carers can only be registered with one agency or local council at a time, meaning that if currently registered you would need to transfer to Care Visions to foster with us. More information on how we can support this process is available here. We also welcome applications and enquiries from those who have fostered with other agencies or local authorities in the past.

How fast can I become a foster parent?

Although the assessment process typically takes twenty weeks from allocation to your panel date, we can help get you through the process at a pace you feel comfortable with. For those that want to reach their goal more quickly, we are happy to communicate with you very regularly using phone, Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or whatever communication style suits you so that we can help get you through the process as quickly as possible. 

Can I foster if I’m not a British/UK National?

Yes you can! We welcome enquiries from anybody who has permanent residence in the UK. 

Can I foster if I’m from a military family?

Yes, we welcome enquiries from military families. We would take into account some key factors including how long you will be residing in Scotland so we can best assist.  


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We'll send over your free foster carer info pack as soon as possible to help you get started on your journey. Here at Care Visions we will support you to decide if fostering is for you.  There is no obligation to foster if you start talking to us, we just simply want to assist you in your journey.  So why not get in touch today.


We will use your details to contact you and send you the information pack you are requesting, we will store your information for 90 days for processing your application.

If your application to foster is unsuccessful, or you withdraw after this stage, we would like to keep your details on file for any future fostering enquiries/applications. Please tick the boxes below where you are happy to grant consent for this:-

Care Visions values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not disclose, or share personal information supplied by you, with any third party organisations without your consent.