We are there to support you though your application and the assessment process. We won’t begin an Application Form until we know that it is the right time for you, you are ready and wish to proceed, after having the chance to meet with us, ask questions and discuss what is involved in becoming a foter Carer.

The process to become a foster carer can seem like a daunting venture right at the start of your fostering journey, however we are here to take you through this at the pace that is right for you and your family. The first step in your fostering journey is requesting our Information Brochure. This will tell you more about Care Visions Fostering Scotland, the support we offer, and fostering in general.
After you have enquired with us, our Recruitment Co-ordinator will be in touch to arrange an informal call with you. This will give you the chance to chat through any questions you have, learn about the role and how fostering may fit with you. The call usually lasts around half an hour and can be arranged for a time that suits you. Whether this is an initial enquiry, or you are ready to take those first steps in your fostering journey, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

The Next steps after enquiring

When you are ready, our friendly staff will arrange to come to your home for a face-to-face visit. This is to give you more information about Care Visions, different types of fostering, and what is involved in the Assessment process. You can ask any questions that may have cropped up between your initial call and the home visit. During this we will ask to see around your home and meet the people you live with. We will view the bedroom you plan to use for fostering to ensure it meets Care Visions’ health and safety requirements. We understand you may have an existing purpose for your spare room, whether it be a home office, guest bedroom, or used for general storage. We do not expect this to be ready to be used as a young person’s bedroom during our initial visit. What we are looking for is a good-sized room that can fit a single bed, storage for clothes and toys, and a large window offering lots of natural light.


Application Form

Once we have visited your home, we will send out an application form by post. This will include details of your family, previous addresses, and current employment status. We will ask for details for four references, this should include three people who know you well e.g., friends, colleagues etc and one family member. We will also ask you to complete a Consent Form to allow us to contact other agencies, such as your Local Authority and Police Scotland, as part of your Assessment.


Skills to Foster

After our initial visit we welcome you to attend Skills to Foster training which is usually a workshop consisting of discussions, film clips and exercises. This is delivered by members of our Team, and also gives you the opportunity to meet with some of our existing foster carers. During these sessions you will find out more about the role as a foster carer, some of the challenges you may experience in your fostering journey, and the support offered by Care Visions. Hearing about fostering from some of our experienced foster carers allows you to gain a real sense of who we are as an agency and how we work alongside you. We are committed to supporting our carers and young people, we pride ourselves in our relationships with our foster families throughout their journeys and you will hear about their direct experiences of this


Get Your FREE info pack!

Simply fill out the form below to get your FREE foster carer info pack. By filling in the form there is no obligation to foster, we just want to discuss with you where you are at and help you on your journey.

We will use your details to contact you and send you the information pack you are requesting, we will store your information for 90 days for processing your application.

If your application to foster is unsuccessful, or you withdraw after this stage, we would like to keep your details on file for any future fostering enquiries/applications. Please tick the boxes below where you are happy to grant consent for this:-

Care Visions values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not disclose, or share personal information supplied by you, with any third party organisations without your consent.