At Care Visions Fostering Scotland we offer education support tailored to the needs of; a child, school, and foster carers.
What is Educational Support?

All learners have a right to an education that meets their clearly identified needs (Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). Within Care Visions, we understand that every child has the right to be happy at school, to enjoy learning and fulfil their unique potential.

However, we recognise that young people who have experienced a difficult start in life can, at times, find some aspects of school challenging. Carers are not alone in making sure that the school community, teachers, and support staff understand the child’s individual needs and demonstrate that they are willing to work together with carers to achieve the very best for each child.

Who offers this support?

Elaine McIntosh our Senior Manager (Education Services) leads on this at Care Visions. Elaine began her career as a Primary Teacher over thirty years ago before moving into special education where she eventually became a Head Teacher in a school where all young people had complex social, emotional, and learning needs. Over the years she has continued her studies and has separate post graduate degrees in; Additional Support Needs, Leadership, Autism. She was awarded by Scottish Government in 2000 for ‘Excellence in Teaching’. Currently, Elaine is also a member of the Education Steering Group with Scottish Attachment in Action. She is, therefore, very experienced in meeting the needs of care experienced children and young people in education. Elaine is very well placed to support foster carers and schools, helping a child to feel happy and safe at school, and achieve the best that they can.

How are children and young people offered this support in relation to fostering?

The Scottish Government has pledged through The Promise - a commitment to care experienced learners to improve their educational outcomes. Therefore, this is a high priority for everyone working with the child.

As part of building your relationship with the child, your Supervising Social Worker will share what we already know about their educational needs. Overtime, you will learn about their interests, hobbies, strengths, needs, and what help they may already be receiving at school, and what you can do at home to support their learning.

As you build your relationship with the child’s school you may have some questions and would like an informal chat. This would be supported by Elaine McIntosh our Senior Manager (Education Services). Elaine would also be able to work with the school and all other parties to provide the educational support that a child might need.


The benefit for care experienced children and young people

Children only learn when they feel safe and understood. Elaine feels passionate about ‘getting it right for care experienced children’ so that they have a bright, happy and fulfilled future. Foster carers bring so much love to a child, transforming their experiences as they grow up. School is a part of childhood so it must become a place that is safe, inclusive, nurturing and responsive to individual needs.
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