Dundee is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Oor Willie, The Broons and The Beano. What they all have in common is pride in being part of a loving Dundonian family of all shapes and sizes in an amazing community. We are looking for foster families in Dundee to look after the city’s Bairns.

Fostering in Dundee with Care Visions Fostering Scotland

Care Visions Fostering Scotland is an independent fostering agency who have an established group of foster families in Dundee. That’s great news because we believe that support from others in your community and surrounding areas is key to becoming a successful foster carer. We have local support groups and training in your town so it’s all accessible to your family.

Our children and young people range in age from 0-18. Sometimes our children and young people need to live with a foster family for a few weeks or sometimes they need long term support. Children are referred to us from your local authority, and we strive to ensure the very best matching of foster carers for the young people in our care.

Our fostering team of professionals are experts in all things foster care. Including both experienced social workers and therapeutic family workers, they will be with you on every step of your fostering journey.

Support and training available for foster carers in Dundee

Want to know more about us and what we do? Have a look at our Who We Are section to give you an insight into Care Visions Fostering Scotland and everything we stand for. We pride ourselves in giving the very best support to our foster families, be it through training and development or 24/7 guidance and support.

We know that Dundonian families come in all shapes and sizes. No formal qualifications are required to become a foster carer, instead we’ll give you the tools and training to build on your own life experience to provide the very best care for our young people.

Some of our Foster Carers offer short or medium-term placements, looking after a number of children over time, while others offer long term placements. Whether short or long term, we regularly get feedback from Foster Carers that fostering is among the most rewarding and fulfilling things they have ever done in their lives.

Who can foster in Dundee?

All applications in Dundee are considered, regardless of age, gender, martial status, religious persuasion, sexual identity or nationality.  We need caring people, with the life experience, time and stability, to offer a child in need a supportive home environment.

Fostering for the long or short term

Cost of living has increased and we now live in a post Covid world. With these changing circumstances we understand that there is more to think about when considering to foster a child. Short term fostering can be a way to try fostering and see if it works for you. Long term fostering can then be considered if you wish, however if you want to stick with short term fostering this is fine too.

We can work to your timeline

We can guide you through the fostering process as quickly or as slowly as you like. If you are looking to foster quickly if you can communicate with us regularly each week we can work at your pace. We use phone, Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime or whatever technology suits you to keep communication up.

Become a foster carer in Dundee

We're Care Visions Fostering Scotland. It’s time for you to hold your hands up if you are ready to foster! We're proud to be here for you on every step of your journey.

If you are ready, then so are we. Find out more about fostering with Care Visions Fostering Scotland here.


We will use your details to contact you and send you the information pack you are requesting, we will store your information for 90 days for processing your application.

If your application to foster is unsuccessful, or you withdraw after this stage, we would like to keep your details on file for any future fostering enquiries/applications. Please tick the boxes below where you are happy to grant consent for this:-

Care Visions values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not disclose, or share personal information supplied by you, with any third party organisations without your consent.

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