Care Visions has proudly supported LGBTQ+ foster carers for many years. We want to ensure that people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender know that we will welcome your interest in fostering.

Care Visions is proud to be an inclusive fostering agency, working with amazing LGBTQ+ carers who are providing wonderful homes to our foster children. 

Your gender, sexual orientation or relationship status does not affect your ability to care for a child. Our main priority will always be to provide the best care and loving homes to our young people.

We believe in and are champions for equality. Anyone with the right personal qualities and attitude can become a foster carer and offer a child a loving and nurturing home.

What do I need to become a foster carer?

As long as you are over 25, have a spare room, and want to make a difference in a young person’s life, you are eligible to apply to foster.

Why representation matters

The LGBTQ+ community is a big part of Scotland’s diverse and inclusive culture. We believe that young people feel less isolated and alone when they can grow up around successful adults whose experiences are similar to their own. 

But also, living with adults whose identity and life experiences differ from their own, helps enrich a young person’s worldview and understanding of other people.

We are always looking to work with those that can use their compassion for caring for a child or young person to let them grow and thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

Over the last two decades, changes to law and policy (including the Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009 enabling same-sex couples to foster) have gradually changed the landscape of LGBTQ+ fostering.

Having worked with many LGBTQ+ carers we know that there may still be a school of thought in communities that identifiers such as sexual orientation, marital status or gender can disqualify a person from fostering, but we are happy to help reassure this is not true.

At Care Visions we welcome applicants with the right attitude to caring for young people. So whether you are single, a same sex couple, or in a hetero-appearing relationship as members of the LGBTQ+ community, we welcome your interest.

Foster care is open to anyone who can provide a stable and loving home for a child. We are here to create a safe and supportive community to all our carers from your initial contact with us and throughout your fostering journey.


How do I get started?

If you are considering becoming a Foster Carer but are unsure where to start, a good place to begin is with our Readiness Quiz. Speaking with other Foster Carers in the LGBTQ+ community can also help - as can thinking about and reflecting on your own experiences.

You can read stories from some of our experienced Foster Carers to learn more about what fostering is like - or you can read our blog where you’ll find plenty of information and links to useful resources. We also have an information pack you can request at any time.