10 Year Anniversary Awards 2024

Our annual Foster Carer Anniversary Awards, this year taking place at Callendar House, Falkirk.

Care Visions at The CALM Conference 2024

The CALM ( Crisis and Aggression Limitation Management ) Conference 2024; A Reflection on the Day by Elaine McIntosh (Senior Manager; Education)

Pop-up Charity Shop 2024 - £1,251 raised for Cash for Kids

Well done to our staff, carers, fostering families and friends for raising another great sum for Cash for Kids.

Opportunity - Recruiting for a Supervising Social Worker

We have an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Supervising Social Worker. This important role has a remit of providing crucial support, supervision and training to our fantastic foster carers.

Opportunity - We are Looking for an Independent Form F Assessors

We are an independent fostering agency with a remit across Scotland. We are currently seeking CV’s from experienced self employed Form F Assessors to complete assessments for prospective foster carers.

Care Day 2024

Care Day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday in February each year. It is the world’s biggest celebration of people with care experience.

GMAC CashBack x Care Visions Film Club

We are very excited to be partnering with GMAC Film as part of their CashBack programme, which aims to develop young people’s confidence & creativity by giving them a voice through filmmaking.

Pop-up Charity Shop 2024 - Maybole, Ayrshire

We are delighted to say that we will once again be taking over a shop in Maybole’s town centre for a week of fund raising for Cash for Kids. Care Visions Fostering will host their Pop-Up Charity Shop between the 5th-11th May 2024.

50 Years of Fostering - Edwina and Ian

The 14th February 2024 marks a remarkable milestone for two Foster Carers. Who started their Fostering Journey 50 years ago!

Learning about Language – On The Anniversary of The Promise

At the start of the year we were delighted to welcome to our office a young person who is part of the Stirling Champions Board to speak to us about language.

Care Visions Long Service Awards 2023

We were delighted to meet again to recognise the fantastic efforts and commitment of our team. It was a special day being able to come together to celebrate and honour those who have made a real difference to Children and Young People across Scotland.

Theraplay training with Family Futures

Liz and Karen from the team travelled to London to grow and develop in their Theraplay training with Family Futures

Care Experienced Week 2023

Care Experienced Week 2023

Reflections - How the values of The Promise are helping to shape our practice

Autumn provides a time for reflection about what we have done over the last working year and what we want to ensure is of importance moving into the next one.

CV In The Park 2023

In August '23 we were delighted to host our annual event at Blair Drummond Safari Park for our Foster Carer Families.

Recruiting for a Form F Assessor

We are currently recruiting for an experienced social worker- to undertake Form F Assessments using the CORAM Baaf Framework.

Lesley and V – Single Carer and Teenager Forming a Life-Long Bond

This blog looks at a young person and a single foster carer who came together to forge a very special bond, one which has been mutually beneficial and resulting in a relationship that will last a lifetime.

10 Year Anniversary Awards 2023

We were delighted to host our annual 10 Year Anniversary Awards for Foster Carers. It was a brilliant occasion to celebrate fostering and the important role that the cares have played in shaping young lives and letting them thrive in safe, supportive, loving environments.

Pop-up Charity Shop - Maybole, Ayrshire

Care Visions Fostering Scotland are delighted to announce that they will be taking over a shop in Maybole’s town centre for one week raising money for Cash for Kids. Care Visions Fostering will host their Pop-Up Charity Shop between the 5th-11th May 2023.

Jo’s Story - Our Fostering Journey

Jo became a Foster Carer with Care Visions in 2014 with her wife Yvonne. As with many foster carers the journey began with lots of soul searching and discussions about what they wanted as parents and as a family.

LGBT+ History Month 2023

LGBT+ History Month 2023 celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and non-binary history and the related civil rights movements. In the UK, LGBT+ history month is marked in February to coincide with the 2003 abolition of Section 28.

Care Visions Long Service Awards 2022

For the first time in two years, we were able to recognise the fantastic efforts and commitment of our team face-to-face. It was a special day being able to come together to celebrate and honour those who have made a real difference to Children and Young People across Scotland.

The importance of working as part of the team around a child

In our different roles within the Foster Care Community, it is vital that we know our responsibilities and work together in order to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.

Short Breaks/Respite Fostering

Find out what short break fostering is & how it works.

Supporting Short Breaks - Supporting Foster Carers and Birth Families

There are many people who aren’t looking right now to foster on a fulltime basis but still want to open their heart and their home to children and young people who need it.

Video - Fiona and Vicki - Celebrating Achievements in Fostering

What does celebrating achievements look like in fostering? From day-to-day to special moments and memories. Foster Carers, Fiona and Vicki sat down with us and shared why this is important, along with experiences in their own fostering journeys.

Care Experienced Week 2022 - Events: 23-29th Oct

Care Experienced Week 2022 - Events: 23-29th Oct

Fostering When Single

Find out information on fostering when single.

Video - The Fostering Process with Nicola Mair

So what exactly happens when you make an enquiry to start your Fostering Journey? From initial calls to assessment, Supervising Social Worker - Nicola Mair covers exactly what you can expect.

Video - The Howie's Story, Our Family's Journey Through Fostering

Taylor and Wilma were so kind to give us their time and share experiences in fostering. Sharing moments that helped build their family unit, held together through love, care, and respect for each other.

Talk the talk before they walk the walk - How to support a young person’s growth in their Identity

A short piece to stimulate thinking about how to support a young person’s growth in their Identity.

Fostering Children with Disabilities

What is it like when a child or young person has additional support needs on top of what is already required in fostering? We want to give some help on things to understand when it comes to fostering and caring for children with disabilities.

CV In The Park 2022

In August 2022 we were delighted to share a fantastic event with our Foster Carer Families at Blair Drummond Safari Park for the first time since 2019.

Carol-Ann & Stephen’s Story

Carol-Ann and Stephen live in the West of Scotland and have two children of their own. They have a passion for caring for young people, Carol-Ann always thought “if I could make any child’s life better, that’s what I wanted to do.” She comes from a legal background but has always carried a desire to make a difference.

Karen's Story - Fostering a Partnership - Video

Video - Karen's Story - Fostering a Partnership

Nicola's Fostering Journey

With Video - Nicola has been part of the Care Visions fostering family for three years. She spoke about her journey and what made her want to foster and why she continues to do so.

Your Guide to Fostering as part of the LGBTQ+ Community

Care Visions has proudly supported LGBTQ+ foster carers for many years. Find out more in this blog.

10 Year Anniversary Awards 2022

The 10 Year Anniversary Awards happen each year to honour those who have been fostering with us for a decade. They celebrate the valuable contributions foster carers make to children and young people’s lives. This year we are celebrating long service from 7 Foster Carers from across Scotland.

The Difference Between Short and Long Term Fostering

If you are interested in fostering, it can help to learn the differences between long and short term placements and the benefits of each. Find out more here

Matching in Foster Care Explained

Matching children and young people in foster care with a secure, welcoming home includes getting to know them and finding out how you can meet their needs.

Steven & Kristin’s Story

Steven and Kristin have been fostering for over 13 years. They are passionate about caring for children and young people, Steven is the main Foster Carer and Kristin works as a teacher at a local primary school. Fostering can bring so many rewards to carers and young people. Steven and Kristin spoke main ones for them.

Job Opportunity, The Village - Team Member

Care Visions are recruiting for a Team Member for ‘The Village’. The Village is a collaboration between Care Visions, Early Years Scotland, and SAIA, with investment from the Promise Partnership to develop a place where parents and parents-to-be across Scotland with care-experience, can come together to find information, advice, support and someone to talk to. A welcoming digital Village for parents of preschool children.

What to Expect as a Foster Carer?

Foster Carers are resilient, flexible - and willing to embark on an ongoing journey where you learn something new every day. To start yours, find out more here.

12 Ways to Build Bonds with a Child you Foster

Concerns about bonding are commonplace for many Foster Carers. Learn more here about how even a simple conversation can help you connect with your foster child.

Preparing Your House for Fostering

Make your foster child feel at home with these tips on how to prepare your home for a fostering placement including safety measures and thoughtful gestures.

Thinking about Fostering If You Have Your Own Children? Tips To Help you Decide

Change is a part of life. Fostering a child can bring major shifts for everyone including any children you already have. Find out how to navigate them here

The Scottish Attachment In Action Education Report 2022

Making Scotland the best place to grow up and learn' is a Scottish Government commitment. This is crucial for all children and young people and especially so for the most vulnerable in our society - those who have experienced loss, neglect, abuse, many of whom are 'care experienced'...

June's Story │ The Promise

June became the foster carer for a young brother and sister on what was originally a short break emergency placement, 8 months down the line the progress it outstanding.

Holding Hands | Holding Up Messages from The Promise

We are in the process of a 180 degree turn to making this The Childs story: We want to ensure that every child and young person who has lived as a member of our foster families have their precious memories and those chapters of their journey captured in a child focused way.

8 Tips for First Time Foster Carers

As a Foster Carer, securing your first placement can be an exciting -and sometimes daunting- time. Find out here how to manage the process with minimal stress

Can You Foster As A Single Carer?

Fostering can change lives. If you’re a single carer and want to foster, we have all the information you need to help you and your child on your journey.

What’s The Difference Between Fostering And Adopting?

Are you thinking of fostering or adopting a child? Learning more about the differences between the two can help you to make an informed choice with confidence

Want to learn more about fostering?

Want to find out more about fostering with us? Find a selection of helpful videos here to help you get started on your fostering journey.

Reflections on a week of sharing what we do

Learning from other countries and cultures | Care Visions

Not all that counts can be counted | Care Visions Fostering

Theraplay | Care Visions Fostering Scotland

Relationships at the centre of Practice and Processes | The Promise

Together but apart | Maintaining relationships when children cannot live together

Let's Stay Together | Care Visions Fostering Scotland

The Importance of Language | Recording for the future

Professionalism - Building A Country That Cares

Normalising the Experience of Children in Care | The Right To Relationships Charter

Easter Suggestions To Make The Most Of | Care Visions Fostering Scotland

Darren and Susan's Fostering Journey | Care Visions Scotland

Frances and George's Fostering Journey | Care Visions

Edwina and Ian's Fostering Journey Care Visions

#KeepThePromise | Our Progress So Far

Hands up if you're ready to foster | Care Visions Fostering Scotland

You can be part of our exciting, new chapter.

Ready to foster? | Jill Hawick - foster carer

Nina's Story | Children Who Foster

Afternoon Tea Online? | Care Visions Long Service Awards 2020

Our Commitment to Education

During this ever-changing time, we’re committed to ensuring the best educational outcomes for our young people across our Fostering and Residential services.

COVID-19 Update 20/03/2020

A snapshot of Foster Care | Care Visions Fostering

We're on the road again #CVRoadshows

Dare to Believe!

What is Skills to Foster?

Are you thinking about becoming a foster carer? It’s a big decision and we feel that when you’re taking your first steps in the fostering journey, you may find that you have more questions than answers...

Q & A with Liz, Therapeutic Family Worker

Foster Care Fortnight 2019 with Care Visions Fostering

Over a decade of dedication from Care Visions Staff

With 11 members of staff receiving 10-year awards, and two receiving 15-year awards, it was certainly a day to remember!

‘Care to Dream’ - The 5th Annual Foster Carers Conference

“Children who foster” – reflections from experience

Moira Greentree at the Fostering Network Roadshow

The Life of a Care Visions Apprentice

Foster Carer Conference 2017