Welcome to our Young Persons' Forum

This is the place where you can get info on what is going to be in our next session and keep up to date with anything that has happened so far - just so you feel confident to join us when you are ready!

In the last few months those in the forum led the conversation on:

Rewards for taking part in the Forum and it's activities
Age restrictions and ratings for games and movies
Sleepovers at friends houses
Our spring and summer events: The Safari Park Day and Film Club
Meeting in-person 
Invites for new members
Rewards for attending
How the Forum is structured 
Inviting and having The Head of Fostering at session to answer their questions and chat

You can join in on the conversation just yourself or with an adult you feel comfortable with.

We meet online on the first Wednesday of the month. With other in-person meetings being scheduled too. 

Let your Supervising Social Worker, Therapeutic Family Worker, or Foster Carer know you want to be a part of it, and we can make sure you get the login info and are made to feel welcome.

If you want to let us know you want to be part of it, or ask us a question, you can contact Liz via the form below.

Open to all Young People connected with Care Visions Fostering.


Make contact with us directly on this via the form below:

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