Theraplay, see the strengths and build strengths.

You might be aware we have been using Theraplay® Based Practice within Care Visions Fostering for several years. This practice focuses on assisting young people build better relationships with their care givers. It is an attachment-based intervention and is available free to all children in a Care Visions Fostering Scotland placement.

In November 2023, Karen and Liz from our team attended their level two training in London with Family Futures. This was a great opportunity for our staff who work directly with children, young people and their carers to further learn and develop what they do and how they can develop and enrich their practice when supporting our fostering families.

Family Futures were the hosts of this training. They work with kingship carers, foster carers and adopters. They have a very child centred facility kitted out to provide Theraplay as well as other Therapies.

Liz said that, “The course gave us a chance to reflect on our own practice as well as learn new things. It has provided both of us with a new passion for what can be achieved through the use of Theraplay.”

Below is an illustration from Liz of what can be achieved though Theraplay. If you wish to read more about our use of this practice, you can do so via this link.



There are a number of Theories that support why Theraplay works so well for our children; Attachment, Polyvagal theory, object relations and neuroscience are some examples of these.


Here is a picture of the training participants in London at the session. Liz and Karen are 3rd and 4th from the left, respectively.

Image via: Family Futures.