Why Not? leads the way young people are supported when ageing out of care in Scotland. We do this through challenging the fears and boundaries that define the professional relationship, reducing loneliness and isolation and protecting the right to family life.

Why Not? is a pro bono service, provided as part of an ongoing commitment to our Young People. This allows those who are ageing out of care, to maintain connections with people whom they have been supported by while in our care.

Nicki McLaughlin has been appointed full time dedicated Service Manager, to look after all operational matters relating to the Why Not? service.

Nicki has worked for Care Visions for 4 years, and is passionate about continued relationships for young people aging out of care. She is a trained facilitator in Maps and Paths (Person Centred Planning) which is a fundamental tool used in the Why Not? service.

Nicki manages a number of staff who currently work for the service on a sessional basis, to ensure that young adults from anywhere in the Care Visions organisation will receive a service from Why Not?