Providing a safe space, understanding of the needs of children who come into foster care.

Children need their own space and privacy and a room to call their own which gives them a sense of security and safety at a time when they may be feeling apprehensive and are processing things that have happened in their life. Having their own space for their toys and personal belongings helps with this. Being able to be in their own room also gives them the chance to think about their feelings and have some “me time”.


In what circumstances would children and young people share a room?

Children who are same sex siblings can share a room up to 8 years of age.

There are occasions when decisions are made with the Local Authority that it will be in children’s best interests to permit bedroom sharing: for example, when it will enable siblings to remain living together. Being placed with their siblings in the same family can add to children’s feelings of safety and comfort.

Children who are not related cannot share a bedroom and require their own space and privacy.


When would babies sleep in their own room?

Babies can sleep in a moses basket or cot beside the carer up to the age of 2 but will require their own bedroom from the age of 2 and beyond.

What do we need from our potential foster carers to be able to offer in terms of space, and why?

Every child is an individual with their own story and experiences and they have the right to their own personal space and the privacy that comes with that.

Because of this, we are looking to speak to potential carers who can offer a spare room for a child or young person. Even if they are looking to care for infants, this provision is needed to allow for future proofing of a child’s care.

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