Making Scotland the best place to grow up and learn' is a Scottish Government commitment. This is crucial for all children and young people and especially so for the most vulnerable in our society - those who have experienced loss, neglect, abuse, many  of whom are 'care experienced'. These young people need to feel safe and build positive relationships and attachments to the adults who care for them in any capacity. 

Our education system is, unsurprisingly, at the heart of this required change and over time there has been a national drive to improve the knowledge, skills and understanding of educational practitioners to become 'trauma informed' but to what extent has this approach become embedded, if at all? 

Scottish Attachment in Action and partners, including  Elaine McIntosh (Senior Manager -Education. Care Visions) are proud to share their comprehensive  research... 'Mapping attachment - informed, trauma sensitive practice in Scottish Education' to support the continued journey of practitioners and encourage a national conversation about its findings. 

You can view the Education Report here.