This week we have shared more information on what we do than we normally would and it has been a great opportunity for myself and the Care Visions Executive Team to publicly recognise the work and dedication of all our staff.   

The focus has also meant I have spent more time on social media than I usually do, giving me the opportunity to catch up on some of the other work going on in the sector.  On Wednesday as we were focusing on the importance of family and keeping brothers and sisters together, I was made aware of a local authority that has implemented a policy that means any decision to split up brothers and sisters has to be agreed upon by the Head of Children and Justice.  This is not just a step forward but a giant leap and I hope we can continue to work with them and others to keep children together and support families.   

Four months ago, I was supported by the board and a very experienced senior team, to step away from daily operations and focus on development and new initiatives.  The Promise offers a springboard and the learning opportunities, the culture and the values we have created over the last 21 years offers the foundations.   

It is a great opportunity to ensure as we move forward and more positive steps or leaps are taken, we can continue to support young people and families in bespoke ways, keeping relationships at the centre and ensuring our systems support practice without causing unintentional barriers.  I get to use the learning I have gained over the years from many wonderful, challenging, enlightening young people, older people and experiences.  It is an exciting time to be in the sector and have the opportunity to learn from the past, co-create in the present and innovate for the future. 

To The Promise and beyond…….