During this ever-changing time, we’re committed to ensuring the best educational outcomes for our young people across our Fostering and Residential services.

We thought we’d share some of our plans, as we understand the importance of working together to achieve a greater goal.

Access to Online Education

All young people from across Children’s Service have access to a highly interactive, online Education Resource, ‘Purple Mash’. It has a range of ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ age/stage lessons covering the entire curriculum. The Senior Manager (Education Services) will provide ongoing support to any carer and/or young person around access and engagement with the site, providing online tutorials via video call. Our older young people have been directed to BBC Bitesize which has a range of S3-S6 learning activities.

Support with Home Learning

All Care Visions carers and young people have access to the support of the Senior Manager (Education Services) to ensure all learning tasks sent from schools are understood and will provide tutorials as/when required.


The Senior Manager (Education Services) has sent all of our Residential Service a link to the ‘Amazing Things’ brochure, which outlines every award that young people can achieve out with school. In addition, a training package to support Residential teams has been created to deliver ASDAN awards within the Services. These awards are appropriate for any young person aged fourteen and above. This training will be delivered via video link and follow-up sessions with individual teams and carers have been planned.

School Support

Care Visions has offered Head Teachers, in schools where agreed support and training was planned, access to this via the video link.

As well as the planned schooling activities, we’re looking forward to seeing the exciting and engagement techniques our teams will be using throughout this time. We’re hoping to share many fun and educational activities, in the hope that they may inspire you to find new and exciting ways to promote education. 

We’ll keep you updated as these plans are implemented and let you know how our young people, Foster Carers and Residential teams are getting on!