💡 Camera 🎥 Action 🎬 - GMAC CashBack x Care Visions Film Club got off to a flying start! We were so pleased to be joined last week by a number of young people connected with Care Visions Fostering keen to learn all about the fundamentals of film making and how they can create their own. 

We are very excited to be partnering with GMAC Film as part of their CashBack programme, which aims to develop young people’s confidence & creativity by giving them a voice through filmmaking. 

During the 3 days the young people involved learned about; characters, stories, scripting, types of films, and even got hands on with their first mini movie to practice shots, dialogue, action and editing.

The main objective was to have fun! However, those there should be proud to have done that and so much more, with scrips and stories prepared by them for shooting their film.

We will all be meeting back up together in the summer when our young people are going to put their exciting plans into action, creating their very own films! A huge well done for the creative work, scripting and story writing that our young people have already achieved so far!

More information on GMAC Film and their CashBack programme is available via: GMAC CashBack Youth Programme (

Any of our current foster cares who have young people that didn't wish to take part in the first session but might now wish to be involved in the summer activity, please advise you Supervising Social Worker.