Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of people with care experience. The term “Care Experienced refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care. Care Day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday in February each year and started in 2016.

Care Day came as the result of five charities representing Care Experienced children, young people and adults across the UK and Ireland joining together, with the aim to support Care Experienced people to shape policy and effect change across the UK and Ireland. As part of the 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance launch, Friday 19th February 2016 was named Care Day, with activities planned across the nations. 5 Nations, 1 Voice brings together Who Cares? Scotland, Become (England), Voices from Care (Wales), VOYPIC (N Ireland) and EPIC (Ireland). Each organisation is uniquely positioned in their own nation, and they share a common purpose: to represent the views or promote the voices of Care Experienced people to improve their experiences and outcomes.

The tagline "Celebrating and Connecting the Care Experienced Community" was chosen by a planning group made up of Care Experienced people from each of the five nations. The 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance invites every child, young person and adult with experience of care and their supporters to connect on this day of united celebration.


In Scotland Who Cares? Scotland are leading many of the events and activities... 

You can support Care Experienced people to attend Who Cares? Scotland's annual Care Day celebration, The Carelidh!: The Carelidh 2024 - Who Cares? Scotland (

Who Cares? Scotland's Lifelong Rights Campaign is committed to Support Care Experienced people in Scotland. You can learn more or sign their Lifelong Rights Campaign pledge at: Lifelong Rights Campaign - Who Cares? Scotland (

Objects is their podcast that launched in February 2021 as part of celebrations for Care Day. You can listen, watch and learn more via: Objects - Who Cares? Scotland (


If you are planning on hosting or joining an event for Care Day, we would love to hear about it and help share and celebrate. Please email: 

If you would like Who Cares? Scotland to publicise your event, or would like more info from them, you can email:  and all their info and full event and activity schedule is available from their website: Home - Who Cares? Scotland (