Celebrating 10 Years as Foster Carers with Care Visions

Care Visions Fostering Scotland were delighted to host our annual 10 Year Anniversary Awards for Foster Carers on Thursday the 23rd of May. For the first time we were pleased to be able to take the awards to the elegant setting of Callendar House, just a stone's throw from our new Falkirk office. It proved again to be a special occasion to celebrate fostering and the important role that the Carers have played in shaping young lives, letting them thrive in safe, supportive, loving environments.

To mark our Foster Carer’s outstanding commitment to Care Visions Fostering and in recognition of their service, we invited those who have been with us for 10 years to attend an afternoon tea and award presentation.

Our Head of Fostering, Sarah McEnhill welcomed everyone and started proceedings with a rolling presentation with positive contributions from Carer’s Supervising Social Workers. She also invited each of the Supervising Social Workers there to say a few words about their carers, which was warmly received. Following that it was time for afternoon tea and a catch up, then award time with those recognised receiving a commemorative engraved glass clock.

Speaking about the event, Sarah said, "It was lovely to be able to celebrate with our carers who have reached their 10 year anniversary and share in some of their memories with them. So many connections have been made, and so many children's lives have been improved through the commitment, love and support our carers give to children and their families. Today was just a small token of our thanks and appreciation for the huge task foster carers have and I look forward to share in many more memories with them."

The event also coincided with Foster Care Fortnight 2024 which showcases the commitment, passion and dedication of Foster Carers and helps fostering services like us highlight the need for more Carers. This year’s theme is #FosteringMoments , to celebrate the moments that define fostering journeys, big and small. The moments that built confidence, made young people feel safe and created memories.  

We spoke to some of the award recipients at the event and they had the following to share:

Aileen said this about why she continues to foster, "I find it really rewarding. I am able to give a child a better start in life. Building relationships is really important to me and it doesn't feel like has been 10 years, it has went so quickly. We keep connections with those we have fostered as they move into the next part of their life.

Helping maintain sibling contact is something that is really important and a thing that I enjoy doing too."

Jo and Yvonne, who foster together, told us the following about why they do what they do. Yvonne said, "We have seen the progression with our person at home. We have learned from them growing, and how we can do what we do better."

Jo added, "We have made a commitment of safety and a family to our young people. Everyone needs someone to champion them, and we are happy to be that for them."

Richard, who is retiring from fostering this year, had this to say, "I would like to thank Care Visions for the time and support they offered myself and my late wife Moira. It has been a party, and I've enjoyed all the guests." 

A huge congratulations, well done and thank you to all our award recipients for this year; John and Kate Aitken, 
Aileen Boyle, Sonia Gilmour, Jo and Yvonne Hodgson-McKail, June McDermott, and Richard Skene.

Moments from this year's 10 Year Anniversary Awards:


Some of the award recipients, their guests, and staff at this year's awards

Richard Skene receiving his 10 Year Anniversary Award

Jo and Yvonne Hodgson-McKail received their 10 Year Award

Kate Aitken picking up her award on behalf of her and husband, John

Aileen Boyle with her award at this year's event