For those who are at an early stage in looking into Fostering or Adoption as a potential choice for your family, you might find the lines can seem a little blurry and it can be confusing separating between them. Occasionally it could be the case that someone who was looking to foster might really want the lifelong responsibility of adoption, or those initially looking at adoption might really want the benefit of on-going support that would come with fostering.


What is Adoption

Adoption is to legally acquire full parental responsibility for a child or young person. Adoption is a lifelong commitment providing security, permanency, and the love of a new family when it is not possible for a child to be raised by their birth parents or birth family.

After adoption, all rights and responsibilities are transferred from the birth parents to the adoptive parents. An adoption certificate replaces the child or young person’s birth certificate and they become a permanent and full member of their new family.

Most agencies and local authorities have training and support before the adoption process with this continuing after until the family no longer require this level of support.


What is Fostering

Fostering is when Foster Carers provide children or young people, who are unable to live with their birth family, a stable loving home. This could be for one day or for a number of years.

Short term or “interim” placements are the most common type of foster care and can last from a few weeks up to 2 years. In general, the goal of short term fostering is to provide a safe, nurturing home for a child in need until they are able to return to their birth family.

In a long term placement, a foster child lives with their foster family until such time as they may be able to move on to independent living. This refers to a period longer than 24 months. There are also Short Break and Emergency Foster Care.

Foster carers are offered a package of financial support consisting of Fees and Allowances, with additional payments added on for specific expenses.

With Care Visions Fostering, full, extensive and on-going training is provided to Foster Carers as is continued support from Supervising Social Workers, Therapeutic Family Workers, and Support Groups. Support and advice is available 24/7 so that a Foster Carer is never left to deal with a challenging situation alone.


How Much Is The Fostering Allowance?

On average, for a child placed with you as an approved Foster Carer, the combined fees and allowances per annum would be around £22,000 (£420 per week). 

In addition to this, we recognise that when a child comes to live with you there may be some additional outlays eg, personalising the child’s room, travel etc so we offer the following:

  • A Start Up Payment at the outset of every placement.
  • An additional travel allowance to support attendance at meetings, appointments with the child, training etc

Further contributions at key times in the year for children and families such as Birthdays, Christmas and Summer holiday times to support you with the extra expenses incurred.


Everything You Need To Know About Fostering


At Care Visions Fostering Scotland, we create positive environments in which fostering families can help children build confidence, for life. Sadly, in Scotland, many children are unable to live with their families. For them, fostering provides a safe and stable home; helping them feel valued, ensuring their needs are met and giving them the best chance to develop.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of levels of support that foster carers can provide children with, whether it be either short-term support or a long-term home.

We can define these as;

  • Interim Care - short term
  • Long-term Care -  several years and maybe permanent
  • Permanence - staying for the duration of their childhood
  • Short Break - children might stay for a few days regularly or sometimes a few weeks
  • Emergency - until an ideal placement can be found or until they return to their family.  Can be one night to a few weeks depending on the situation.



This begins with our 'Skills To Foster' workshop, which gives you a better idea of the 'ins and outs' of fostering and what that could mean for you and your family.

Once approved, we provide comprehensive training for all our foster carers. Before a child is placed we provide you with 2 days course to help you understand the impact of Trauma and strategies in working with children. Within your first year, you will complete your Induction training consisting of modules in Attachment, Safer Caring, Introduction to Child Protection, Recording and First Aid.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Foster Carer?

Anyone over the age of 25, and with a spare room, is eligible to apply. You can be single or in a couple, have children or not, and we welcome all ethnic backgrounds and LGBT couples or single people. You can own your home or rent (in which case you may need permission from the owner of the property).

Do I need to give up work?

In many situations, at least one Foster Carer needs to be available at all times to meet the needs of a foster child. This could include attending meetings or transporting the child to appointments.

How long will the assessment process take?

The assessment process typically takes twenty weeks from allocation to your panel date and if you wish to withdraw at any time, you are entitled to do so.

How many children can I foster?

Regulations state that Foster Carers can foster up to three unrelated children, with the exception being emergency placements and sibling groups. The number and age range of children you may be able to foster will be discussed during assessment and approval.

I am currently a foster carer, can I also foster with Care Visions?

Foster carers can only be registered with one agency or local council at once, meaning that if you are currently registered elsewhere, it wouldn't be possible to register with us at the same time. 

How fast can I become a foster parent?

Although the assessment process typically takes twenty weeks from allocation to your panel date, we can help get you through the process at a pace you feel comfortable with. For those that want to reach their goal more quickly, we are happy to communicate with you very regularly using phone, Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or whatever communication style suits you so that we can help get you through the process as quickly as possible. 

Can I foster if I’m not a British/UK National?

Yes you can! We welcome enquiries from anybody who has permanent residence in the UK. 

Can I foster if I’m from a military family?

Yes, we welcome enquiries from military families. We would take into account some key factors including how long you will be residing in Scotland so we can best assist.  



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